Cuba para Cristo is entirely funded by the giving of ordinary Christians. Our budget is shared between the various projects and is all focussed on supporting the local church and seminaries in Cuba. Our team in the UK give their time for free and our admin costs are almost zero.

The focus of our support is on building the church in ways which promote and encourages autonomy and self-sufficiency. We are very conscious that every pound or euro we send has great potential – to do good and in places to do harm (because of the effect on other churches and even those we support).

The three areas which take up most of our giving are:

  1. Training in biblical languages.  In partnership with Tyndale House in Cambridge ( ), we are working to train a team of men and women who work together in Cuba to teach and train others to be able to read the Bible in its original languages.  We seek to fan into flame the gifts that God has given his church in Cuba, so that they are able to continue the work of language learning, scholarship and careful exegesis so that the word of God comes even more alive to his people in Cuba.  Currently some ten denominations are involved in this ministry in one way or another.
  2. Biblical theology training for lay leaders and seminaries which choose to augment their training.  In partnership with MOCLAM (, we have been working for over a decade to train a team of men and women to teach MOCLAM modules across the country.  We have certain principles we think have worked very effectively.  We maintain the quality of the material, which is stretching and challenging, as well as heart-warming.  We insist the teachers take all the MOCLAM exams (marked externally) to ensure the highest standard of teaching.  We give absolute freedom to local ministers as to how they teach their courses practically – they need to choose how, when, where, etc to teach.  We have always urged ministers to ask two questions:  who else can I teach this to and who else from other denominations can I involve?   The reason for these questions is to promote the biblical principles of multiplication and gospel unity together.
  3. Emergency relief.  From time to time, we hear from reliable ministers in Cuba of emergency needs for people known to them or their churches.  This ranges from emergency hurricane relief (water, food, etc), through to small amounts or items for people who have been struck with a particular hardship (death in the family, illness, accident).

In 2017, after much prayer and discernment, we took the decision to end the monthly support we had been giving to a large number of pastors across the whole country.  This was not taken lightly, but was done having studied carefully over many years the impact of what we hoped was support for the good of the church in Cuba.

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“Cuba para Cristo” is registered in the UK as a Charitable Incorporated Organization (1165339)